Wednesday, November 2, 2011

First year, year of firsts.

This last week we had an anniversary, the 1 year anniversary of our official adoption of Gelly, Cardo Man and Bitsy.  What a year it has been, full of firsts for them and the whole rest of the family.  A great year, a challenging year. 

I have thought a lot about what to say about this last year, the joy of being able to experience all the firsts with Gelly, Cardo, and Bitsy, the healing I have seen in them.  The pride I have felt in the older kids as they embrace their new rolls as siblings.  The challenges that come from going from 5 kids to 9 in just a year.  The new things that Hot Mama and I have learned about parenting our unique family. 

I wasn't sure, and could write a whole novel on all the things that has happened and been felt in that year.

I was at the store the other day and got the common question "are they adopted?"  Yes, some of them.  was my answer.  The the ridiculous response that I have heard on several occasions.  "I have always wanted to adopt, but I worry I wouldn't love them as much as my real kids"


I wanted to go all rabid papa bear on her but just said they are all my "real" kids.

That helped me decide what our one year post would be.

So here is a peek into our daily life over the last amazing year with all our real kids, our real family, and our real love.

If your thinking about adoption there are more than 100,000 kids in foster care that are waiting for permanent families.