I love looking at other peoples sold stuff, it gives me ideas and I also wanted to post it on here because you might see something that you can tell me "I want something like that" or "can you finish my grandmas side table like that?"

So have fun looking and let me know what you think!

Colonial yellow antiqued cabinet with waxed distressed finish.

Pink and grey french provential set that includes dresser, nightstand, vanity and bench. Excellent quality vintage furniture with exceptional paint job! Selling as a set.

Vintage Lane table that I used a dry-brush technique to stripe


Pair of black and white distressed night stands/side tables. I have taken handmade, hand block-printed paper and enameled it into each of the drawer fronts. Ornate brass pulls finish it off, very sophisticated look, Paris apartment anyone?

Great pair of antique farmhouse inspired chalk paint minty green dressers; a tall boy, and a chest of drawers with mirror. set includes skeleton key that locks both. Distressed finish with vintage mint/turquoise green over white.  

Mid-century typograpy table.

Pair of perfectly distressed antique chairs with salvaged nameplates.

I love card catalogs, or anything with lots of little drawers!

Mid-century ceramic lamps with amazing metalic drum shades, rich purple gloss paint. Yum.

"You light up my life" What else can you say about this lamp? At four feet tall it makes an amazing statement, beautiful amber glass, ornate metalwork and happy fabric. I know you want it.


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  1. Awesome stuff. Cant wait for mine to be added to the list : )