Monday, February 27, 2012

Back at Fremont Market!

About 8 years ago I started making a living, creating and selling art and home decor items, mostly from reclalimed, or reused items.  I started in the Fremont Sunday market in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle and since then have sold at many markets and art fairs, opened my own store and sold to many other stores & gallerys.  When we moved back to the Seattle area in September I was excited to come back as a vendor at the Fremont Market.   Creating art has been a great way to be at home with the kids, make money, do something creative, and involve the kids in the process of creating something from stuff that would be junk, and how to run a business.  Some of our best memories as a family have been of early morings heading out to a craft or art fair and the fun people we meet there. 

I have debated whether to start another blog to show and talk about the art I create, Capable Father has turned out to be really personal thoughts on what it is like to be a dad, to adopt, and grow a family that came from lots of different places. 

In the end I have decided to put it all together here, If you follow because the story of adoption and parenting resonates with you then I hope you like some of projects I will feature.  If you have met me at market and are interested the creative stuff then maybe you will be able to take a new look at large families, adoption and foster care.  Either way I hope you like it, it is impossible to seperate it all in real life becuase making and selling art is what makes it possible for our family to have a parent at home and for us that's necessary. 

I also love that every week my kids see that you can take things that were discarded by others and with a little love and time can make those things into something beautiful, a perfect message for my family.

Anyway here are some of the pics from this weekend, and a couple of before and afters.

Boo Boo was the market helper this week, great chance for some one on one time with my awsome girl who is on the verge of becoming more a young women than my little girl anymore.  She did a great job helping customers, helping set up and taking all the pictures this week.

Gorgous green!

Mid-century chairs with an update

This table went home to California with a customer

Love the pattern with the black, like framing art!

Some of the Jewelry I make from found objects.

The "you've got my number" desk.  I'll be posting pictures of the whole process I used to make this desk soon.
Birds on a wire, simple and beautiful.

Creepy clowns!  I told my kids this was our new time out chair!
"You've got my number" desk again.


So there is a peek at what we did this weekend, I would say that it went well because we only took home 2 chairs and sold everything else!