Friday, November 30, 2012

Antique Office Chairs Before and After

I love old things so when I found a pair of these early 1900's office chairs I loved them despite the fact that they were missing casters and coverd in grime.  One of my favorite parts was the gears and engineering that was put into them to make them ajustable, very industrial. 
Here's the before

Here's the after!
I stripped off all the gunk that had built up over the last hundred years, painted them a deep black, and then distressed ther paint job.  That was followed by a layer of stain.  Then I used some images out of a antique natural history text, illustrations of butterflys and moths and applied those to the chairs.  I love the mix of the natural and the industrial on the chairs, its ugly beautiful.  Finally a hand rubbed sealer for durability.   Oh, I almost forgot I replaced the casters with copper casters.

These chairs trigger all my horder instincts, but there is a limit to how many chairs I can have... so these are off to market!


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  3. How did you get the butterfly images? I mean...did you print them on some kind of transferable medium?

  4. No one would ever think that those elegant black chairs are actually antique. Good work! :)