Friday, March 2, 2012

Working from home, upcycle desk make-over

Working from home, not the work you do as a stay at home parent to make the home run, but the work you do from home to make make the money is not something that I have figured out exactly how to do efficiently yet. 

That might have something to do with the 9 kids.

This picture shows how work usually looks for me.  I'm refinishing a vintage magazine rack for market,  my little Jack-Jack a huge fascination with any small kitchen appliance, and any project I'm working on.  This means that for the last year I haven't made a smoothie, loaded the dishwasher or painted much with the use of both hands.  This isn't really new, Mooster was the same way and he is 10 now. 

Don't worry, I only use water based low/no VOC products :)

 A up-cycle re-finish project usually goes in a lot of starts and stops, with a lot of help (or interruptions) from the kids.
Here is a desk from beginning to end.

Beautiful lines, but destroyed finish and lots of kid carving in the top.
Patch the chips and gouges.
Sand the whole thing down.
Prime with a good stain blocker.
Paint on the kitchen island, not the best spot, but I can make dinner and supervise homework and chores from here.
Apply the paper.
I had to live with it for a few days to decide if it needed a dark glaze over the paint and paper, I decided it did.

Finished product at market!