Saturday, March 3, 2012

Before & After Projects For This Week

I have done quite a few projects in the last couple weeks and wanted to get all the before and afters up in one post.

 I have lots to tell about what is going on with the family and the kids too in the days to come.  We have had experiences with birth parents, switching some of the kids to home school, and Gelly coming up with some great questions about why our family has different colors.  So check back.

OK, here goes with the before & afters;

If your one of those people that freak out when in comes to painting original antiques, relax, its a reproduction with a cherry stain that has no personality.  A thrift store bargain at $12.00.
Green paint, antiqued glaze and now we've got something.  SOLD

Before,$3.99 thrift store find with lots of possibility but ruined finish and a little plain.

After, finish restored, birds on a wire added.  Simple and beautiful.  SOLD

Before, sometimes I get so excited to get going on a project that I forget to take the "before" picture!  I remembered part way through on this one, the sanding and part of the priming is done.

After:  I found this clown paper a couple of years ago and was waiting to use it.  It makes me laugh every time I look at it because the clowns look a little evil, well, even more evil than your usual clown.  Time out chair anyone?

This chair we'll just go right to the after because I forgot to take the before.  This lovely chair was a trash can find.  My heart skips a beat when I see legs like this sticking out of a rubbish bin and the kids know that no matter how late we are the 12 passenger van is pulling over for discarded furniture!  They are just enjoying the anonymity of our new neighborhood when it happens now.  My absolute favorite is when the homeowner sees that your taking their trash and invites you into the garage for some other "junk" they were getting rid of, no seriously its happenss enough times to me that now it seems reality.  SOLD

Before, what can I say blagh.  Thrift store find that is yelling trailer park chic.  Don't under estimate the power of paint and paper.

After, complete transformation.  SOLD

Before, nice but very dated.

After, rich blue with black glaze for additional depth.  SOLD

And Finally,
Before, was this even attractive when it was new?

After, much better.  SOLD

Just to put these projects in the context of my life as a stay-at-home dad; during the couple of weeks that it took to make these pieces I changed more than 100 diapers, did roughly 40 loads of laundry and drove almost 400 miles to dance lessons......

Oh, yes I did!

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  1. Followed on from a commenter on Apartment Therapy. You are doing a great job, and the refurbished pieces are awesome. I'd buy every one.