Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Block Print Paper Dresser Makeover

Dresser makeover!  Here is the before;
OK, so not so great at this point.  I look at it in the picture and understand why the people at the Goodwill were looking at me suspiciously when I saw the $20 price tag and threw my body across the top of it and yelled mine, mine, mine!

Just kidding, kind of, I did sit on it and refuse to move until I had a sold ticket.  Thrifting can be competitive....hoarders will do just about anything to get their fix. 

Anyway, I had the kids with me and it takes forever to get something loaded into your car at the Goodwill if you wait for the employees to help you; so I used what I call my "Grapes of Wrath Caravan Method."  This is where I balance the large piece of furniture on a cart, (no, for real) and then put Jack-Jack, Bitsy, and Cardo in another cart.  Then you push a cart and pull a cart.  Have I mentioned that I carry bungee cords in my diaper bag just for this?  I'm sure people are wondering if I'm walking home, and if the dresser is good enough, I would!  I would like to include a picture of this someday but I don't have eight hands.

Well, our thrifting side show made it home with the dresser and the work began, scraping the stickers off......I have scraped sooo many stickers off furniture that I rarely let them in my home, my kids are sticker deprived.  Cardo did bring some airplane stickers home from school the other day that I failed to intercept.  He says Dad close your eyes I have surprise and leads me to my room (oh boy, this could be really sweet or maybe the chihuahua pooed and the floor and someone walked through it).
Surprise!  "I decorated your bed with my stickers!"

Airplane stickers all over my headboard, thanks buddy.......

Sorry, sidetracked, here are the in process pics;

Sanded, primed and the first couple coats of gloss white paint.

I'm making an effort to always wear a dust mask, the older kids say that all the dust is making me dumber. I don't know if that is why I can't help them with their math homework after 5th grade.  I rough the finish up with steel wool between each coat of paint to get good adhesion between layers, this makes the paint job durable for years.

I chose a selection of handmade, hand block printed papers for this dresser with a floral theme, then aligned them in strips across the drawers.  Then its lots of layers of acrylic!

Finished Product!

This dresser is currently available. Message me for details, Thanks!

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