Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This Week in Before & After

This weeks projects, all of these pieces and more will be in my booth at the Freemont Sunday Market this week.  I also can ship all over the country via several carriers for reasonable rates, if you see something you like let me know!

Before:  Goodies collected from thrifting and craigslist stalking, the most expensive item $19.99, the least FREE! It sometimes takes a while for me to re-imagine what each piece should look like so we often have random ugly furniture sitting around the house waiting for me to feel inspired. 

Trash or treasure?  I see lots of potential and I think I have a bag of knobs left over from another project that will be perfect for this dresser.



Rich Pacific Northwest inspired green, painted over a black undercoat to deepen the color saturation, paraffin wax rubbed before the green coat and then distressed.  The green comes off where the wax was creating the distressed effect.

Electric Apple green with glaze, total transformation from a dated 80's piece of furniture that had outlived its use to a piece that I'm sure people will be fighting to take home from the market this weekend!
One of my favorite blues, aqua awsomeness.

The magazine rack is now grape and distressed and the chair I didn't get a before, but the great vintage needlepoint plaid on the seat looks great with the grey.
Vintage lamps, now eye candy for any room.  I like to use them without the shades and with a antique style low wattage edison bulb. 
I didn't get the before picture of this one because once what to do with it I was so excited to get started I forgot the camera.  Grey and Yellow, always a great combination but then I used vintage lace on the drawers to create the negative image of the lace, perfect!

Finally my favorite this week, the ugly monster sticker dresser with no knobs.  First a dark slate/navy blue and then I used vintage blueprints that I rescued from a dumpster a few years ago and applied them all over the dresser.  The blue prints are detailed and ornate with lots of technical notations and wonderful color, who would throw those away!  The detail of the blueprints is a great contrast to the simplicity of the vintage dresser.   Finally over sized orange knobs and a dark glaze.  I love it!  I'm taking it to the market this weekend but may spend the day talking people out of buying it so it can come back home with me!


  1. I love it all! Do you deliver? :)

  2. I REALLY love the idea of the wintage brass lamps spray painted a punchy color and NOT using shades. I love edison bulbs, and what a great way to show them off. Excellent :)