Monday, March 26, 2012

I Want A Flower

My sweet little Cardo Man had to make yet another trip to the dentist today.  This was one of many trips he has had to make to correct some oral issues that he has had.  He has even endured oral surgery at his young age. 

For me this would be enough to hate going to the dentist, he however takes it all in stride and goes happily.   He is a little charmer and has all the staff wrapped around his little finger with his brave attitude and smiling face within a matter of minutes.

Here he is in the chair today.

He is confident enough now to give the hygenist and dentist instructions on how to do things the right way.  Kindly of course, they might be new at this, right?

After the trip to the dentist it was off the the pharmacy for some meds for his upcoming procedures next week.  Hot Mama told him he was such a great boy at the dentist he could pick a treat for himself while they were at the store.

Guess what he picked.... candy, a toy, chocolate milk.....

No, he picked flowers.

I love this boy.  When we go to the store he loves to bring flowers home for Hot Mama and this time he thought he needed some.

He does have a practical side, when they were in line to pay he saw the gum and asked Hot Mama if he could have some gum.  She said you can have one treat, whatever you choose.  If you want to put your flowers back you can have gum. 

A moment of consideration and then "No, I want my flowers, I'll get gum when they die."

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