Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Upcycled Vintage Lace Stenciled Table Before and After

I've got a before and after for you today.   I found this table, solid wood still great for many years of use but super ugly.

So, you know the procedure by now, clean the stuff off, sand until I can't breath....and paint magic.  This time I tried something a little different.  I found a few yards of vintage lace that had a really great pattern.  After I had a couple of coats of black paint I used some spray starch and ironed the lace on top of the table.  Then I used antique white and painted over the lace.  After the paint dried, well mostly dried, I took the lace off. 

The effect was great, it turned out perfect. 



 It looks even better in person, measures 42" and is selling for $225.  I have it listed on etsy;

This would be great for a kitchen table, craft table, game table, dining table.....

Oh, my kids just said it would be great in a retail store too, cuz it looks like a Victoria's Secret panty table......I don't know, did that just ruin it for you?


  1. Did you spray the lace with the starch before you ironed it on the table or while it was on the table? Also, did you use white sorry paint or roll white paint? Lastly, would you recommend waiting until the paint is completely dry prior removing the lace? Great results! !

  2. I'd like to try this but am also curious whether you rolled the paint on or used spray paint?