Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pink and Grey

Here is a set of furniture that I just upcycled this week, dresser, night stand, vanity and bench.  This is a set of furniture my girls have all been asking to trade out their current furniture.  Sorry girls, its going to market!

It's beautiful vintage french provential and I have used a deep slate-ish grey and a peachy-pink stripe, finished off with a distressing. 

I will have this set at the Fremont Sunday Market tomorrow, unless it sellls today!



Contact me via the blog or text, 425-394-3031 for pricing and additional details!




  1. Wow! Just wanted to say, those are beautiful!!

  2. would love to have these pieces! if you havent sold them yet may i ask how much it would be?

    1. Hi, and thanks! These have already sold but keep an eye on the blog when if find some more great vintage furniture in that french provintial style I will do that paint finish again and post it here.