Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Don't waste anything!

We have a large family and have chosen to have a stay at home parent and a career in education..... so we make sure to economize were we can.  This means clipping coupons, standing in line for a half hour at the walmart getting them to match ads.  Buying in bulk, buying second hand, checking the free listings on craigslist regularly, wearing hand-me-downs and generally trying to get everything on sale.

This week one of my kids really drove home how much they are learning from our fiscal habits; that they are learning not to be wasteful and look for opportunities to economize.

Buggy was doing her homework on the computer when one of the twins walked by and asked why she was deleting the text out of an old word document of hers.  Her indignant response in that your so
dumb tone  "what? you don't need it anymore and I don't want to waste it by opening new file!"  I just about died laughing!

It did give me a good idea though, next week I am adding washing the paper plates to the list of family chores.  Oh, and do you think you can put paper towels in the dryer?

My beautiful, thrifty buggy.


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