Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bug paper Dresser Makeover

Papered dresser makeover, here it is done.  I loved the paper, dahlias are Hot Mama's favorite and there are dragon flys and wasps in the paper.  Its kind of a ugly / beautiful thing that I like do with pieces.

Here it is to start with, thrift store find great lines but boring.  For you don't ever paint wood people there were several places that the stain had sun bleached and lets face it the world is over populated with wood dressers - you all have one!  Now dressers with bugs and flowers on the drawers that's rare.

I'll skip the pictures of all the sanding and priming, for one they are boring and I don't want you to judge my hoard that was in the back of the sanding pictures.  I did end up painting it on my kitchen island so that I could make sure none of the kiddos escaped the house or played with sharp objects.

Next step is to cut the paper to size and apply to the drawers. This involves soaking the paper in a acrylic solution to expand the paper fibers, putting that on the drawer,  smoothing, out all the air bubbles then letting that dry.  Light sand with fine steel wool between 3 additional coats of acrylic.  Finally I sand the edges of the drawers to remove any paper edges that aren't perfectly smooth and a final coat of acrylic.  The whole thing usually takes several days with drying time.

Drying drawers waiting for a final coat of acrylic.

Ta-Da, the completed dresser posing for her after pictures.  Makes me happy......until I notice i switched the drawers in the picture and the pattern on the paper doesn't match up, Oh well.
You will be glad to know that she went home with a nice couple at the Fremont Market today.  They were kind enough to bring me their ugly dresser they had been using as a donation to my makeover ugly furniture effort.  I love Fremont shoppers, thanks guys!


  1. Amazing and so beautiful, but my favorite part had to be about judging for the hoarding. Miss you!

  2. Cool! What kind of paper did you use? Wallpaper? Wrapping paper? Will any paper work?