Thursday, June 2, 2011

Capable Father

Capable Father, not a name I chose myself.  Actually I have a lot of doubts about even saying that.  Adequate Father, Still Trying Father, or even better, He-Is-Totally-Making-It-Up-As-He-Goes-Along Father seem like better choices, but Capable Father, that is what my teenage daughter called me. 

Without a doubt one of the best moments of my life.

My 4 older daughters are all amazing ballroom dancers.  They all compete on nationally recognized teams, they all won national championships this year, go girls!  This is the realm of heels, make-up and over the top costumes, exactly where you would expect to find the dads, right?  Not exactly.

While I do sometimes find myself asking "why didn't we sign them up for soccer?"  I do have to admit that being a ballroom dad has helped me to develop skills that have made me famous with the moms and a little disturbing to the other dads.  I can whip up a killer hair do that can withstand hours of dancing. What's that dear daughter you need a smokey eye for this competition? No problem daddy's got this one.  Your friend forgot her hairspray and bobby pins.... just a minute, I have extras in my diaper bag... oh yes I did!

Developing these skills were relatively easy, you can learn just about anything on youtube.  It was getting the moms to trust me that was the challenge.   Other dads out there you know this, moms can be really condescending to involved dads.  Often moms initially talk to me like a child that needs simple instructions that will be easily remembered to deliver to my wife. 

This brings me back to my new found title of capable father, I had just spent hours calling dozens of moms to arrange partner tryouts for my girls.   As the girls had listened to me over and over again tell the moms, "no you don't need to talk to my wife, you can call me back."  "No, sorry my wife works, I will be the one to drive the carpool."  "No I will be arranging the practice, my wife is working."  Finally Haley stands up and says, "that's it!  I am making you a shirt that says capable father!  Have they never met a dad that is involved with their kids!"

There it was, all the thanks that I may ever need for doing this job.  The answer to the constant doubt I had experienced about my nontraditional role in our family.  My kids think I can do this......I can do this, and I love being the one at home. 

So stay-at-home moms out there watch out, I am capable and I am rocking this dad thing!
Haley & Makenzie, yes twins.




  1. LOVE!! *Tear* You are the most capable put all of us Mommas to shame! Oh, and can you teach me how to do smokey eyes? Haha! Love ya!

  2. BAM! Better than my blog! You're awesome Mr. Beach and I'm glad I know who to turn to when I need some smokey eyes and bobby pins for my lavish hair. Seriously're a great Dad and your family is darn lucky to have you!!

  3. Oh wow. Brandon, this is so great, you don't even know! I just spent quite a bit of time reading this whole blog and although I already know how awesome you, (and the whole dang family), are, this just confirms it. You are amazing. Your family is amazing. Love you, all of you! This blog rocks, just so you know. :)

  4. Great post - glad I found your blog. :)