Friday, June 10, 2011

I wanna fight...

One of the joys of being a stay at home parent is that you get to be there for the first of most things.  First steps, first words, first pee pee in the potty.  This is nice because it balances out some of the not so nice things the stay at homer becomes responsible for, like when we had 5 kids in diapers at the same time or the 4 loads of laundry that we make everyday!

Our Itsy Bitsy is approaching 2 years old and has started speaking in full sentences this week I want to share a couple of her firsts.

The first one was earlier this week she was trying to see the garbage truck out the front window but Cardo Man was getting in the way.  She is an assertive type so she gave him a big pinch that sent him running and was rewarded with the best view of the garbage truck. 

I took her by the hand to Cardo Man and told her how sad that had made him and how much it hurt, that she needed to say sorry.  Stubborn as can be she refused to look either of us in the eye and just shrugged her shoulders.  I told her "Bitsy you need to say sorry or you will sit in time out", at this point she evaluated her options and marched her own self to time out.  After a few minutes in time out we repeated our conversation and I asked her to say sorry again, she refused again and this time I told her maybe it was time to sit in her bed until she was ready to use her words.  Her feisty little spirit came up with what she thought would be a solution. She didn't say sorry but she gave Cardo a hug, followed by the melt daddy smile.  I thought to myself, hold your ground, this one, she could out smart you.  I told her that was very nice but you still need to use your words, say sorry. 

She sighed and finally said "sorry Tardo."

I though that the incident was done, but as I left the room she turned to Haley and out came her first full sentence;  "Haley, I don wanna say sorry, I wanna fight!" 

Oh my, little one!  I laughed as I left the room and was proud of her, she is a fighter, that resilience has made her strong, it has served her well.  I say fight little one, fight!  We will keep working on empathy.

 (But you will still sit in time out if you don't say sorry :)

Oh, second sentence while I was changing a raisin diaper, "I got Beiber fever!"

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