Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stealthy Hot Mama Here

     I have hacked into my sweet husband's blog to write about him as an awesome father on Father's Day. (Ok, I had to ask my 16 year old to hack, but is that really important?) The day we had our first babies we were leaving our little apartment in a rush and we stopped at the door, looked at each other and knew that when we got back, life would never be the same. We would come back as parents.
     It has been so much fun to watch him parent. My dad didn't really enjoy me as a child, and so it was eye-opening for me to see how much my 21 year old husband LOVED being a dad. So, I've made a list of the things I appreciate about him as a daddy.

~He LOVES being a dad.

~His kids know he loves being a dad.

~He finds funny ways to redirect the kid's behavior.
    When one of our girlies was little, I think she was 5, she didn't want to give up her favorite shirt. She kept wearing it even when her belly button was showing. So Daddy went in his room and came out with the 4T t-shirt squished on his 26 year old body. His arms were held up by the tightness of the shirt. He said, "It fits, but it's not appropriate."

~He makes time to take each of the kids on "Crazies" late at night. He'll get one out of bed and say, "Let's go crazy!" and then take them to a late-night movie or to go get frozen yogurt and chat.

~He will drop almost anything to take things to the school that the kids (or I) forget. He is grumpy about it, but he does it. :)     I have to confess that this year, I wore different colored socks more than once and he brought me a single sock to match. The last time I did that he promptly went home and threw away all my brown socks. Problem solved.

~He is so good at listening to promptings and following them. He knew we should be foster parents when I was saying things like, "Are you crazy? We can't do that right now. You're in school, I'm in school, we both teach, our oldest start school this year...."the list really went on a long time, but he really knew this was the time we should get licensed for foster care. It has changed our life for the better and I will be forever grateful he is good at listening to inspiration.

~When he sets a goal there's really no stopping him. He has had his own business for about 10 years, he ran a marathon in Marathon Greece, he figures out the toughest situations.

~He loves the kid's friends. He gets to know them and makes them feel welcome in our home.

~He embraced the "open home" policy that I had always envisioned my home to be. Everyone is welcome and everyone will feel loved.

~He is fully committed to us, me and him.  There is not option of failure.

I wish I could write better to let him know everything I appreciate him as a daddy, the list really does go on and on, but I think he is truly, for real-sy, a great dad and we are all lucky to have him.

Hot Mama

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